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Hi, there!  My name is Shawna and I am a wife and stay at home mom of three.  I enjoy things about as simple as they can get: I take my coffee black and I tend to stick to the classics when it comes to such things as movies, music, books, and fashion.  This blog was born from a quote by Henry David Thoreau, who wrote, “Though I do not believe that a plant will spring up where no seed has been, I have great faith in a seed.  Convince me that you have a seed there, and I am prepared to expect wonders.”  I believe that we sow seeds, both intentionally and unintentionally, every day: in our families, homes, and communities...for ourselves and also in celebration of life's most important events.  So, you'll find a little bit of all of this here, along with some of our family's go-to recipes, updates on our current projects, and reviews of our favorite local spots, products, and services.   And that’s just the start!  So join me, and I hope that you will always feel free (and encouraged!) to contact me with any topics you'd like to see discussed. See you soon!



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