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A Family Day-Date: The Nutcracker, The Point Park & Eats, and Scooped Cookie Dough Bar!

A Family Day-Date: The Nutcracker, The Point Park & Eats, and Scooped Cookie Dough Bar!

One of my absolute favorite Christmas traditions is going to see The Nutcracker Ballet with my husband every year.  We usually make a date night out of it, but I have been anxiously awaiting the year that our daughter would be old enough to go with us.  She’s almost six now, so we decided to give it a shot this year.  We made a whole day out of it; sort of a special day out with just her and Mom and Dad…here’s how it went:

Nonna arrived at our house about noon to watch the boys and we left shortly thereafter and drove to The Point Park & Eats in Leon Springs.  There were three food trucks that were open: Pho-U Vietnamese/Chinese Cuisine, Caliente Grill (Mexican grill), and Crazy Carl’s (burgers and handcut fries).  Bad to the Bone BBQ was also on site but wasn’t quite open for business just yet.  My poor, sick husband decided to go with the brisket pho from Pho-U to help soothe his throat and I was told that it was amazing; I didn’t dare to try it after him for fear of catching what he’s got, but I’ll definitely give it a try next time.  My daughter went with the cheese quesadilla from Caliente Grill (no surprise there!) and said it was “the cheesiest quesadilla ever!”.  I tried it and yes, it was super cheesy and delicious.  I ordered the asada street tacos with all the fixin’s, borracho beans, and the corn in a cup from Caliente Grill as well.  The tacos and beans were amazing.  There was a bit more Tajin on the corn than I cared for, but it was still really good and I might just be a wimp when it comes to that stuff…ha!  

DSC_0011 (2).JPG

It was a beautiful day, so we chose to eat outside (there is a small place to sit and eat inside too).  Big Girl had a great time climbing all over the HUGE Rainbow play system and swinging on the swings.  We filled her tummy and let her run around just enough that she got a bit of a rest on the way to the theater which is always a good thing!  I’m so glad we finally made it out to see what The Point was all about, because now that I know it’s there I think we’ll probably end up there often.  So much good food, a bar, open-air, and a place for the kids to play is always a great combination for our family!

DSC_0012 (2).JPG

After lunch we drove into San Antonio to catch The Nutcracker at the Lila Cockrell Theatre.  Getting into and out of the parking garages downtown is always a bit of a chore, but we made it just in time.  The presentation of The Nutcracker that we went to was put on by the Quenedit Ballet School/Quenedit Dance Theatre, which is local here in San Antonio.  If you’re not familiar with the story of The Nutcracker, here is a brief synopsis from the Quenedit website:

“Based on a novel by 19th-century romantic fabulist E.T.A. Hoffman, The Nutcracker weaves a magical tale of holiday adventure around one of the most recognizable scores in the ballet repertoire. It begins when young Clara receives a nutcracker from her godfather, a wizardly toymaker named Drosselmeyer. Sneaking downstairs to see the toy after everyone else has gone to bed, she suddenly finds herself caught in the middle of a pitched battle between the toys and an army of mice. After saving the nutcracker with a well-thrown shoe to the Mouse King’s head, Clara and her now-living prince venture into the Land of Snow and the Land of Sweets to celebrate.

Throughout their adventures, Tchaikovsky’s dazzling inventiveness propels the dances of nimble flowers and regal fairy queens. The “Waltz of the Snowflakes” floats weightlessly above the angelic voices of a youth choir, whereas the “Dance of the Sugarplum Fairy” tiptoes to the haunting, music-box chimes of a celesta. A medley of exotic national dances—including a Spanish bolero and Russian Trepak—add to the phantasmagoric celebration before the whole dream ends, as all dreams must.”

It was a great show and the 2:00pm matinee showing was perfect for small kids.  Aside from being her usual squirmy self and needing to go potty three times while we were there, our girl did really well and had a great time.  She has been a bit obsessed with ballet and The Nutcracker for a while now (we have watched it on Netflix together and we have a children’s book of it too), so she thought it was so cool to see real-life ballerinas.  She would get so excited with each new song and say, “Oooh, Mama, I LOVE this one!”.  I love that she’s old enough now that we can include her in this special Christmas tradition of ours!

There was technically no photography allowed, but I managed to snap a couple of quick, inconspicuous pics with my phone:


After the show, we made one last stop at the Scooped Cookie Dough Bar inside the North Star Mall.  I’ve been seeing this place all over social media, so we figured this was a great time to go check it out.  There were so many flavors to choose from that it took us a bit to decide, but we ultimately ended up with a Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich and a scoop each of the Monster, Mexican Hot Chocolate, and Holiday Peppermint.  Once we had our yummy treats in hand, we rode the escalator up to the food court and made ourselves at home at a table to enjoy them.  Let me tell you what, folks, this stuff is the real deal.  It is every bit as rich and sweet as you’d expect cookie dough to be; one scoop each was plenty for us.  I think the Cookie Dough Ice Cream Sandwich was the big hit as the ice cream was a great way to counter some of the sweetness of the dough.  We also ordered a nice tall glass of cold milk from the tap, (because what’s cookie dough without milk??) and that really was the perfect finishing touch (they have almond milk too!).  This was definitely a unique and fun experience and something that I think could become a bit addicting if you’re in the mall often; you know you just have to try every flavor, right?! 

 Image courtesy of  Scooped Cookie Dough Bar

Image courtesy of Scooped Cookie Dough Bar

So there you have it; our family day-date in a nutshell (<--See what I did there?).  The Nutcracker ballet is something that is great for every family to do together at least once (or make a tradition of it like we do!) and luckily, you still have plenty of opportunities to catch it in San Antonio this month:

  • Find all the details about the Moscow Ballet’s Great Russian Nutcracker at The Majestic Theatre here
  • Or grab a Groupon for the Mejia Ballet International’s presentation at the Lila Cockrell Theatre here.
  • Details for the San Antonio Ballet School’s Nutcracker performance can be found here.
  • Or you can catch a cinematic version of the Balshoi Ballet’s Nutcracker at one of three movie theaters in San Antonio on Dec 17th only.  You can find that information here.

Do you make The Nutcracker a part of your annual holiday celebrations?  Do you make a date night out of it or take the kiddos?

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