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5 Kids Birthday Party Themes WITH Links!

5 Kids Birthday Party Themes WITH Links!

Note: This post contains some affiliate links.

Welcome back, friends!  Today I thought I’d share a little secret about myself: I LOVE PUTTING TOGETHER KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTY THEMES.  I have so many of these saved on my computer, it's ridiculous!  My favorite resources for creating party themes are by far, Etsy and Amazon.  I try to purchase as much as I can through Amazon because it tends to be cheaper and I use Etsy for the more personalized items such as invitations and birthday outfits.  A little trick: if you see something you love on Etsy, look for that seller on Amazon.  A lot of times you can get the item for the same price (or very close to it) but with free PRIME shipping!  I'm all about saving that money whenever you can.

And now, without further delay, here are FIVE birthday party themes WITH shopping lists for you!  Yay!

Theme #1: Unicorn Birthday Party


1) Invitations: Etsy   2) Personalized backdrop printable: Etsy   3) Birthday outfit: Etsy   4) Tableware: Amazon   5) Party hats: Amazon   6) Favor boxes: Etsy   7) Unicorn Poop favor idea: Amazon   8) Baby unicorn toy favor idea: Amazon   9) Table confetti: Amazon  10) Cupcake toppers: Amazon   11) Plastic tablecover: Amazon

Theme #2: Taco Birthday Party


1) Invitations: Etsy   2) Clover streamers for backdrop (I would choose blue, orange, and white and mix them up!): Amazon  3) Gold number balloon: Amazon  4) Birthday outfit shirt: Etsy  5) Birthday outfit taco pants: Etsy   6) Maraca favor idea: Amazon   7) Favor boxes to color: Amazon   8) Party hats: Amazon (orange), Amazon (green), Amazon (blue)   9) Crayon pack favor idea (to color the boxes): Amazon   10) Sticker favor idea (to decorate the boxes): Amazon   11) Taco table confetti: Etsy   12) Tableware: Amazon   13) Cupcake toppers: Amazon   14) Polyester tablecloth (I do not recommend white plastic tablecloths as they're almost always see-through.  Plus, you'll get so much use out of a white tablecloth, it's well worth the small investment!): Amazon

Theme #3: Wonder Woman Birthday Party

Wonder Woman.jpg

1) Invitations: Etsy   2) Pinwheels: Amazon   3) "ONE" balloon: Amazon   4) Birthday outfit: Etsy   5) Party hats: Amazon   6)  Bubbles party favor idea: Amazon   7) Favor bags: Amazon   8) Tableware: Amazon   9) Cupcake toppers: Etsy

Theme #4: Woodland Birthday Party


1) Invitations: Etsy   2) Tassel garland: Etsy   3) Birthday outfit shirt: Etsy   4) Birthday outfit pants: Etsy   5) Stickers favor idea: Amazon   6) Favor bags: Amazon   7) Woodland masks (in lieu of party hats): Amazon   8) Fox plush party favor idea: Amazon   9) Food containers: Amazon   10) Wrapping paper (I like to use this as a table runner as well as for wrapping gifts!): Amazon   11) Plastic tablecover: Amazon   12) Cupcake toppers: Amazon

Theme #5: Mermaid Birthday Party


1) Invitations: Etsy   2) Happy Birthday banner: Etsy   3) Backdrop: Amazon   4) Birthday shirt: Etsy (you can find mermaid leggings on Amazon!)  5) Paper straws: Amazon 6) Tableware: Amazon   7) Birthday hats: Amazon   8) Favor boxes: Amazon   9) Seashell table decor: Amazon 10) Plastic tablecover: Amazon   11) Table runner: Amazon   12) Cupcake toppers:  Amazon

Which one is your favorite?  I am in LOVE with those "Taco TWO-SDAY" invitations...they're just so clever!  Is there a particular party theme you'd like to see?  Do you enjoy putting parties/events together for your family?  Let's talk about it!

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