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9 Tips for Making Mom-Life Easier in Boerne

9 Tips for Making Mom-Life Easier in Boerne

I think that in going through our normal, day-to-day routines we tend to make note of the little things that make life with kids so much easier.  Luckily, Boerne is a pretty family-friendly place, with lots of opportunities to help you save your sanity, one drive-through at a time.  Here are a few of my favorites:

1) “What’s this about Drive-Throughs”, you say? Holy cow, is there anything that a mom likes seeing more than a drive-through?  Especially when you’ve got a sleeping baby or multiple kids in the car?  Here are the ones I head to most often:

  • Pharmacies: HEB, Walgreens, and River Road Pharmacy all offer drive-throughs for picking up meds. Added bonus: River Road Pharmacy will deliver too!

  • Dry Cleaning: Carl’s Cleaners and Mitchell Cleaners both have drive-throughs. AND Carl's Cleaners and Toudanines Cleaners both offer free pick-up and delivery!

  • Library: Got library books that need to be returned? There’s a drive-through for that at the Patrick Heath Public Library.

  • Vehicle inspections at Express Lube: Yes! If you’re due for a safety inspection on your vehicle, Express Lube will do the job, let you pay, and give you the necessary paperwork all while you sit comfortably in the car with the kids.

  • Coffee: Need your coffee fix or even lunch or a snack? Scooter’s Coffee can hook you up, while you continue to jam out to your favorite Pandora station and (try to) ignore the screaming kiddos in the back seat.

making momlife easier - drive through services -boerne texas

2) Speaking of the library, did you know that you can renew your library books online?  I have (more than once) realized that a book was due back asap and there was no way I was going to make it in time.  So, I just log into the PHPL website and renew it for another two weeks and return it the next time I’m in that neck of the woods.  Awesome.

3) Getting Social-Are you new to the area or just looking for new ways to connect with other parents?  Check these out:

boerne texas - city parks - socialize - meet new kids and friends

4) Meals & Groceries-Sometimes just feeding the whole family can feel like such a chore!  Any one of these amazing services can help with that:

making dinner easier - meals to go - ordering in -boerne texas meal delivery services

5) Staying Fit-This is one of the hardest things to do with kids when you’re a stay-at-home parent who doesn’t utilize a sitter on a regular basis.  Here are a couple of places that can help:

  • Boerne Family YMCA: If you purchase a family membership, childcare is included! They offer FREE 3-day passes (with childcare) so you can try it out before committing. Also, if you sign up on a referral from a current member, you save 20%!

  • Fit4Mom Boerne: This is a group of moms and babies that meets at Boerne City Park Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 9:30. You can read all about it (and score a DISCOUNT!) HERE. Your first class is always FREE. You could also file this one under “Getting Social”, right?

finding time to workout as a mom - stay at home mom - workout routine - fit4mom - boerne texas

6) Play Time-You can never have too many places to play!

boerne texas - city parks

7) Urgent Care-Who really wants to sit in a germy urgent care waiting room with a small child who just doesn't feel well?  Or what parent can really get away for HOURS to sit in a waiting room and wait for forever to be seen themselves?  Well, Promptu Immediate Care allows you to schedule your urgent care visit through their website!  So.much.better.

8) Things to Do-Sometimes you want something to do that’s fun, but just a bit more interesting than a playground, right?  Maybe try:

9) Treat yo’self (because moms need a break too):

  • Hill Country Sitters: A wonderful, locally-owned baby/pet-sitting service with affordable rates...for those times when you just need a day all to yourself.

  • Convenience pampering: If you haven’t noticed, there’s a McDonald’s AND a DaVi Nails inside of Walmart. And Barker & Wortman and Nails Today & Spa at HEB. If you haven’t quite switched over to online ordering for your groceries yet, why not start your shopping trip off with a caffeinated beverage (hot or cold, your choice!) and a quick mani/pedi? The grocery shopping can wait. 😊

manicure pedicure - daVi nails - boerne texas - walmart

So mamas, what did I miss?  What little tips and tricks and awesome places have you found to make mom-life easier in Boerne?

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