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Own a Small Business...Or Want To?  The Boerne Business Conference is for YOU!

Own a Small Business...Or Want To? The Boerne Business Conference is for YOU!

Who: Boerne-area current and prospective small business owners

What: 2018 Boerne Business Conference

When: Thursday, October 18th 2018, from 9:30am to 4:00pm

Where: Downtown Boerne

Why: To network; To help you enhance and grow your current business or build a new one!

Cost: 75.00 (purchase tickets HERE)

What You Get: A full-day networking and learning opportunity with three keynote seminars and your choice of three (out of nine) breakout sessions; catered lunch from Peggy’s on the Green

If you own a local small business or have dreams of opening one in the near future, I’m talking to YOU: Book your sitter (or take the day off) and mark your calendar for October 18th, because the 2nd Annual Boerne Business Conference is coming and this is not something you can afford to miss! This is not a conference just for folks with physical storefronts and shops either: It’s also for those who work from home in any capacity (handmade shops, content creators, direct sales consultants, you name it). AND it’s for those who haven’t even officially launched a business yet!

The entire goal of the conference is to equip YOU with the tools, contacts, and resources necessary to be successful—in whatever stage of entrepreneurship you find yourself. And with sessions covering topics such as stress and time management, marketing and social media management, small business financing, and more, this is an event that’s packed with valuable information for anyone looking to finally get started…or up their game.

I know, I know…some of you may be thinking, “I’m swamped. How on Earth could I ever go to a conference?” Or, “Isn’t everything done online nowadays?” Or maybe you’re thinking (like I often did when I was asked to travel for work), “I already know what I need to know about that subject and I already know the people who will be there!”

boerne business conference boerne chamber of commerce sowing seeds blog

Oh, poor, naive former me. I didn’t realize back then that there’s always something more to learn and that meeting those cohorts that you really only “know” virtually, is priceless. I never came back from a trip thinking that it wasn’t worth the time. There is real benefit in stepping away from the every-day, getting out of your comfort zone, and meeting with like-minded (and even not-so-like-minded!) people. Not buying it? Well, here’s a list I’ve compiled, with TEN REAL BENEFITS of attending in-person events and conferences (you’ll find the sources—and further explanations—here, here, and here):

1) To LEARN from others.
2) To GROW your personal brand.
3) To have ACCESS to incredible speakers on trending topics.
4) To SHARPEN your skills (and stay relevant!)
5) To NETWORK with other business owners and organizations.
6) To BREAK OUT of the rut (and your comfort zone).
8) To RE-ENERGIZE from contact with like-minded individuals.
9) To INVEST in yourself and your business.
10. To CONNECT with new prospects/leads/clients…you know they’ll be there!

boerne business conference boerne chamber of commerce sowing seeds blog

I don’t know about you, but those are ALL things I know I need to make my business successful/take it to another level. Luckily for us, the Boerne Business Conference is local, doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and offers TWELVE different seminars to choose from. There’s literally something for everyone, with topics including:

KEYNOTE SEMINARS (everyone attends):

1) “Hack Your Brain // Hack Your Life”, presented by Dr. Lindsay Bira, Ph.D., which focuses on stress management, emotional well-being, healthy living, mindfulness, and more.

2) “Google - Get Your Business Online”, presented by Google-certified speaker Sixcia Devine, which focuses on growing your business’ online presence.

3) “Slay Wasted Time”, presented by time management strategies expert Helene Segura (aka: “The Inefficiency Assassin”), which focuses on empowering you with tools to put an end to wasted time.

(A couple of those I think I could just use as a busy MOM. And can we take a second to appreciate the fact that all three Keynote speakers are successful WOMEN in business and some of the best in their fields? Yes, we can, thank you!)

BREAKOUT SESSION OPTIONS (you choose one to attend from each group):

4-6) “Marketing Mastery”; “Cyber Best Practices and Data Breach Response for Small Businesses”; or “Increase Your Business by Retaining Your Customers”

7-9) “Top 10 Ways to Step Up Your Social Media Game”; “Hiring Smart: Tools Your Business Can Use”; or “Ensuring a Lean Collaboration System – Kaizen Model”

10-12) “Small Business Financing”; “Google Ad Changes & Preparing for the Holidays”; or “Restoring Vision For Your Workforce”

In addition to this amazing line-up of seminars, attendees will get to spend a full day in the beautiful heart of Boerne, on the Hill Country Mile. Everything kicks off with coffee and the opening Keynote seminar at the historic Ye Kendall Inn. Breakout sessions are held either at the Inn, the Patrick Heath Public Library, or the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce. AND, lunch is provided by the superb local favorite, Peggy’s on the Green!


To officially answer that question, I reached out to Holly Rodriguez, Director of Events and Programs for the Boerne Chamber of Commerce.

“The Chamber created the Boerne Business Conference to provide educational sessions that create economic opportunity and growth potential for the Hill Country business community”, she stated through our email interview. “You do not have to be a Chamber member, live in Boerne, or own a business with a storefront to attend. The Chamber is happy to invite entrepreneurs from all over the Hill Country and anyone with an interest in business…that means prospective business owners too!”

Did you catch that? Whether you own a shop/storefront/physical location or work from home, you’re invited. Whether you live in Boerne or elsewhere in the Hill Country, you’re invited. Even if you haven’t launched your business yet, you’re invited!

You’ll find all the event details on the Boerne Chamber of Commerce website and you can purchase your tickets directly through their website as well. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by: It only comes once a year, and if not now, when? See you there!

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NOTE: This post was written in partnership with the Greater Boerne Chamber of Commerce.

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