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Things To Do In Boerne: Performing Arts Edition

Things To Do In Boerne: Performing Arts Edition

I took some time back in January to sit down and plan out what I wanted to focus on, content-wise, for 2018.  In doing this, I realized…WOW, Boerne has a lot going on in the way of performing arts.  Particularly for such a small town and especially during the spring and summer!  I knew right away that I wanted to experience as many of these local events as I could in April, and I thought you might enjoy some of them too.  So what do we have to choose from?  Well, we'll get to that.  But first, a disclaimer: 

Some of the information in this post is taken directly from the event websites.  The intent is to spread the word, not "reinvent the wheel", right?  I've indicated this through the use of quotes and citations, but please feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 😊

Now, that being said, let's get to it!  

1) Boerne Performing Arts:

This organization is 100% volunteer-driven and to date, the Champion High School Auditorium has hosted such talents as the Vienna Boys Choir, Celtic Nights, The Ten Tenors, The New Shanghai Circus, Neil Berg's 102 Years of Broadway, The Hollywood Concert Orchestra, New York Gilbert & Sullivan Players "Pirates of Penzance", and more. 

The next performance on the schedule for the Boerne Performing Arts is TAO-DRUM HEART on April 13th.  TAO is a group of "internationally acclaimed percussion artists who have transfixed audiences worldwide.  TAO’s modern, magical, mystifying performances hallmark the ancient art of Japanese taiko drumming.  Combining highly physical, large-scale drumming with contemporary costumes, precise choreography, and innovative visuals, the performers of TAO-Drum Heart create an energetic and unforgettable production" (source).  Sound like something you just might be able to drag your theater-averse loved ones to?  Well then grab your tickets here!

2) Cave Without a Name:

“Eleven miles northeast of Boerne, in the heart of the scenic, rolling hills of the Texas Hill Country, Cave Without a Name is a natural, living cavern.  Some say the most beautiful in Texas.  The Cave is filled with spectacular formations of Stalactites, Stalagmites, delicate Soda Straws, Cave Drapery, magnificent Flowstones, Rimstone Dams, and more" (source).

But did you know they also host an annual “Concert in the Cave” series?  “With a combination of dynamic acoustics and nature's natural backdrop (too beautiful for words), both performers and guests declare concerts in the cave Throne Room as most memorable” (source).  The temperature in the cave is a comfortable 66-degrees, year-round, making monthly concerts a local favorite in every season.  The next performance will feature Harpeth Rising on April 14th and you can get your tickets here.

3) Arts at the Amphitheater:

A fairly new addition to the Boerne performing arts line-up is the once-a-month concert at the Amphitheater.  Every third Thursday (seasonally), the Hill Country Council for the Arts, Majestic Ranch Arts Foundation, and the Boerne Public Library Foundation bring live music to the amphitheater at the Patrick Heath Public Library.  These are FREE outdoor concerts with past musical talents like Beat Root Revival and Patricia Vonne brought in directly from the Austin music scene. 

Beat Root Revival,  Image Source

Beat Root Revival, Image Source

The next, and final concert of the spring season, is on 4/19 and will feature Austin’s Dale Watson who “carries on in the tradition of Johnny Cash, Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson with his ‘Ameripolitan’ brand of American roots music” (source).  Remember, it’s FREE but if you’re looking to take your Arts at the Amphitheater experience to another level, you can always purchase VIP tickets for $25.  This will get you first section seating and a “Meet and Greet” wine reception with the artist before the performance.  You can purchase those tickets here.  Provided funding allows, a summer schedule should be out soon so stay tuned for future dates and lineups!

4) Boerne Community Theatre:

The Boerne Community Theatre was founded as a non-profit organization in 1991 and has remained so to this day, with most of it’s staff being volunteers.  The BCT started out with just one production per year (then known then as the “BACC-Door Theatre”) and has now grown to nine productions in its 2017-2018 season, two of those being performed by the Teen Troupe.  This season’s line-up has included “Hay Fever”, “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”, “Potato Gumbo”, “Elf, the Musical Jr.”, “Incorruptible”, and “Time Stands Still”.

The next Boerne Community Theatre production, running April 13th-22nd, is the classic “Singin’ in the Rain” and you can get your tickets here!

5) Moondance Outdoor Concert Series/Brandon's Revue:

Brandon's Revue is a Texas Singer-Songwriter showcase, made possible by the Brandon Gallagher-Manning Memorial Fund.  Local outstanding artists perform original songs in a beautiful outdoor setting at the Cibolo Nature Center on the Saturday closest to that month's full moon.  

You can catch the next concert in the Moondance series on April 28th.  Doug Strahan and Matt Kitchen are the featured artists for the evening and ticket information can be found here.  "Bring your lawn chairs, picnic baskets (small ice chests permitted), kids, grandparents, and dancin' shoes" (source) or make it a date night and enjoy dinner from the on-site food truck.  Either way, you're guaranteed a great time!

Doug Strahan,  Image Source

Doug Strahan, Image Source

Matt Kitchen,  Image Source

Matt Kitchen, Image Source

Who knew, right?  This certainly isn't everything that Boerne has to offer in the way of performing arts, but it is five things that you can experience in the month of April.  We’ll be heading out to see Harpeth Rising’s Concert in the Cave and the Boerne Community Theatre’s “Singin’ in the Rain” for sure, and we hope to make it to a couple of the others as well (if the babysitting gods shine down upon us!).  Which do you think you’d like to check out for yourself?  I hope to see you there!

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