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Hot Rod Night at Soda Pop's: A First-Timer's Guide

Hot Rod Night at Soda Pop's: A First-Timer's Guide

My mom drove a 1972 Camaro for most of my childhood, with the dream of one day restoring her to all her former glory.  We spent a lot of time at car shows where she'd "Oooh" and "Ahhh" over all the Camaros, Chevelles, Novas, get the idea: she was a Chevrolet girl through-and-through.  I suppose I have her to thank for my love of classic cars and the excitement that comes with taking my own kiddos to enjoy them too!

Each October, Boerne hosts The Key to the Hills Rod Run on Main Street which is absolutely one of my favorite events in town.  But did you know that two weekends every month, from March through October, Soda Pop's Patio Grill & Bar hosts their very own Hot Rod Night

Yup, and after taking our family out to enjoy it last weekend (and quickly realizing that we had come totally unprepared), I thought I should probably share a few pointers to help other families like ours really make the best of it:

1. It's kid-friendly...but you might want to get there early.

The fun kicks off at 6:30pm, and I don't know about your kids, but that's pretty much exactly when ours expect to have dinner sitting in front of them or they turn into a pack of wild hyenas.  So, if you're looking to enjoy an amazing dinner as part of your evening (and why wouldn't you?), you might want to show up a little earlier than 6:30 to get your order in before things get too busy.  And here's a fun fact: that huge stop light hanging inside has a purpose...the green, yellow, or red light will give you an idea of how long your wait will be!

2. Bring your own chairs.

The best part about Hot Rod Night (besides the cars and food, of course!) is the people.  It seems like the whole town turns out for these events and everywhere you look, you spot smiling faces.  So many people having a great time, chatting with friends, neighbors, and complete strangers...which is amazing, but it means the seating on the patio goes quick.  The good news is, all those beautiful cars are lined up all along San Antonio Avenue and the side streets too, and the live music can be heard just as far.  So pick a spot under a good shade tree, pop open your chairs, and get comfortable!

3. There's a beverage tent...and outside food/beverage is not allowed.

These folks do a great job of keeping the line moving along so you're never stuck waiting for too long.  Grab a bottle of beer (or a whole bucket) or a glass of wine if you prefer, then take it with you as you stroll along taking in the sights.  If you're lucky, you might even see a few drive-by's which are always fun.

4. The food is fantastic!

Seriously, those buns are the best around, the fries are always piping hot, and having the Sugar Shack right next door to satisfy your post-burger sweet tooth is about as good as it gets.

Image courtesy of Amanda Spencer,  S.A.Foodie

Image courtesy of Amanda Spencer, S.A.Foodie

5. And there's live music too!

What would a Hot Rod Night be without live music, right?

Image courtesy of  Soda Pop's

Image courtesy of Soda Pop's

So there you have it: all you need to know to have a wonderful time at Hot Rod Night. The most important thing to keep in mind, however, is that this is not just a "show up for dinner and leave" kind of deal.  This is a come, sit, and stay a while small-town Saturday night.  So leave your worries elsewhere and GO, EXPLORE, and HAVE FUN!

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