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18 Boerne-Area Family-Friendly Restaurants to Try in 2019

18 Boerne-Area Family-Friendly Restaurants to Try in 2019

I feel like, in the blog-world, January is a great time for lists. We’re all excited for a fresh start and we love the idea of venturing into something new for the year ahead—and lists sort of make that seem more attainable. Having something simple in front of us that we can check off, one-by-one, and feel like we’re actually accomplishing something is a great tool for making progress, no?

And as much as I just can’t believe it, one thing I’ve heard mentioned a few times by local friends with kids is, “There really aren’t that many kid-friendly restaurants around here”. Whaaaaat?? Every time I hear that, I cringe…and usually end up jumping straight into a twenty-minute discussion on all the dining establishments that Boerne—and the nearby areas just inside San Antonio—do in fact offer for families with young kids.

So today I have for you, EIGHTEEN family-friendly local restaurants and food parks to mark off your gastronomic bucket list in 2019 (in no particular order, of course). Take a look:

1) Z’s Wood Fired Pizza, Boerne: Amazing pizza, craft beer (mostly local!), live music, and a killer atmosphere are enough to keep the grown-ups coming back time and time again, but what about the kids? Well, you’ll find a playscape with swings and slide outside and even a room in the back of the restaurant with toys to play with inside. Try the antipasto board when you go!

2) La Hacienda Scenic Loop, San Antonio: While this one technically has a San Antonio address, it is right on the border between Boerne and the big city. The Mexican food here is fantastic, the patio is great for enjoying when the weather permits, and you’ll often find live music out there as well. And tucked away discreetly in the back corner, is a playscape that is super easy to miss! Do NOT skip the margaritas, y’all!

(NOTE: The source for the first image in the gallery below can be found HERE)

3) Cibolo Creek Brewing Co., Boerne: If you’re looking for some of the best locally brewed craft beer and locally and responsibly sourced food around, this is the place to go. With year-round brews always on tap and seasonal brews that come and go with the changing weather, there’s always something new to try (Whiskey-Barrel-Aged Sweet Potato Marshmallow Stout anyone?) And you’ll find patio seating with over-sized games to keep the kiddos entertained while you’re there. Keep your eye out for warm-weather farmer’s markets, live music, and trivia nights too!

4) Longhorn Cafe, Boerne: Food, beer, patio dining, plenty of room to run and play, and a train that’s just the right size for climbing.  I hear good things about the Original Big Juicy burger and the chicken fried steak, so go give them a try!

UPDATE: Thanks to a few wonderful readers for bringing it to my attention that the Longhorn train is no longer there! However, with its giant decks, plentiful picnic tables, and tons of room to run and play, I think this restaurant gets to stay on the list, don't you?

5) The Pavilion Food Park: This little hidden gem is really coming along, as of late. There you’ll find the Natura food truck, Slider Shack, Sugar Belle’s Mobile Bakery, and Chilito’s Express, Latin Fusion. Can you really ask for more than delicious burgers, breakfast tacos, pastries, cupcakes, scones, coffee, tamales, AND picnic tables and a playscape? Well, if so, then you’ll want to check out the full menus for these awesome trucks because there IS more to be found!

6) The Point Park & Eats, San Antonio: This is another one that technically has a San Antonio address—but is more accurately described as Leon Springs—which is still super convenient to Boerne, right? At The Point, you’ll find food trucks to suit everybody’s fancy, beer from the bar, live music, a playground, and a basketball court too. You can even grab a hot cup’a Joe, thanks to the recent addition of The Point’s new coffee house, “Just the Drip”.

7) Burger King, Boerne: Yup, you read that right. It’s not a small business or locally owned, but when you just need a quick bite and a place for the kiddos to burn off some energy, BK’s burgers and playscape get the job done.

8) RANDOM Beer Garden, Boerne: More food park goodness, this time on the north side of town by Boerne City Lake. Too many food trucks to list, 80+ beers on tap, live music, special events, and a giant bounce pillow and plenty of room to run around.

9) Mi Casa Tamales, Boerne: At Mi Casa Tamales, there are TWO playgrounds, a trampoline, sports court, and of course, food and drink. You’ll also find special events and live music every now and then; the annual Halloween Bash with the Spazmatics being a Boerne favorite!

(NOTE: Images below courtesy of Mi Casa Tamales)

10) The Roundup Outdoor Music Venue, Boerne: MORE food trucks, beer, live music, and special events. This one is out of the city in the Bergheim area so there’s plenty of space to have fun…and the playground and bounce pillow are amazing here too!

11) La Gloria, San Antonio: In the area of the Dominion, you’ll find La Gloria Mexican restaurant with it’s colorful atmosphere, savory food, full bar, patio dining, and playscape…an area favorite for families for a reason!

12) Willie’s Grill & Icehouse, San Antonio: Come for the food and drink, stay for the open-air dining and sandbox for the kids.

13) Bear Moon Bakery, Boerne: Sure, there’s the yummy coffee, pastries, cakes, and amazing breakfast buffet, but did you know there’s also a patio with a Little Free Library full of books for the kids to enjoy? This one’s perfect if you have older kids who are bookworms like mine!

14) Boerne Soup Kitchen, Boerne: One of Boerne’s newest establishments, Boerne Soup Kitchen serves fresh-made gluten free food with a menu that changes daily…and they also have a game shelf full of board games for the family to enjoy.

(NOTE: Photos below are courtesy of Boerne Soup Kitchen)

15) Kelani Yogurt, Boerne: Grab some frozen yogurt, pile it high with all the toppings, then hang out in the lounge area of Kelani Yogurt. There’s almost always a family-friendly movie on the television and a child-sized table with coloring books and puzzles too.

16) Soda Pop’s & Sugar Shack, Boerne: Start with an AMAZING cheeseburger on a jalapeno bun and piping hot fries, then head next door for dessert at the Sugar Shack. And be sure to let the kids have a little fun in the arcade while you sip on that chocolate shake!

(NOTE: Images below are courtesy of Soda Pop’s Sugar Shack)

18) Chick-fil-A, San Antonio: I know, I know, we’re all well aware of where the closest Chick-fil-A is, but I just had to include it in this list as it is within the search radius and it does include a pretty great indoor playground. Plus, what kid doesn’t love those nuggets?

Well, what do you think? Which of these have you tried and which are your favorites? Also, don’t be afraid to tell me what I missed!

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