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FREE Toddler Fun in Boerne: The Patrick Heath Public Library for the Win!

FREE Toddler Fun in Boerne: The Patrick Heath Public Library for the Win!

Did you know that the Patrick Heath Public Library here in Boerne offers a minimum of FOUR fun, interactive classes for toddlers and preschoolers every week? And that they’re FREE? I like to take Baby while the older two are in school: It gives him a chance to get out of the house, socialize, and have fun…and it makes for a nice break in the daily routine for me too. Not to mention, the grounds are just beautiful and make for a great place to stroll and sip your morning coffee!

It had been a while since we’d been to the library so last Wednesday, after taking Big Brother to school, we decided to go. But what do you do between the 8:30 school drop off and the 9:30 Sensory Studio class at the library? You head to Boerne Taco House for breakfast tacos, of course! Baby loves the potato, egg, and cheese and my favorites are the Rango (without beans) and the Taco Pirata…TRY THE PIRATA…WITH ONION AND CILANTRO. Seriously.

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After breakfast, we wandered over to the library and I asked permission for our little guy to take part in the Sensory Studio class. Technically, this class is for babies and toddlers up to two years old, and since he’s two-and-a-half, I wanted to make sure it was okay. I was told, “No problem!”, and while he was probably the oldest toddler there, he was still perfectly entertained. The class is self-led, meaning toys are spread around the room in stations and the kiddos just enjoy a bit of free play; there’s no teacher. Wee Play, which takes place on Thursdays, is a bit more structured and interactive. We’d like to try that one too, but we had plenty of fun playing and making new friends here!

After Sensory Studio play was over, we had a half hour before the Little Listeners story time began. So, we read books and played while we waited.

Then it was story time! The Little Listeners story time is for toddlers and preschoolers ages two to five and this was definitely an older crowd of kiddos than the Sensory Studio play time. At Little Listeners we listened to stories, enjoyed a puppet show, sang songs, danced and played Ring-Around-the-Rosie, and even made a craft before heading home. What a great morning we had!

Aren’t we so lucky to live in a place with such a wonderful public library that provides so much for the families in our town? Toddler play classes, free Concerts at the Amphitheater, First Friday Yoga, sound meditation circles, and events such as Faisan Folklorico, author panels and book signings, STEM workshops, and robotics classes are just a few examples of what’s available at our library throughout the year. You can find all that our wonderful library has to offer by checking their “Events” page on Facebook HERE. You can also find the Children’s Department Calendar HERE.

And don’t forget to shop for your used books at the Bookshop Under the Windmill—located right next door to the library—to help support the Patrick Heath and all of its wonderful, free programs. I hope to see you there!

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