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What's NEW for Sowing Seeds in 2019: 5 Big Changes Coming Your Way

What's NEW for Sowing Seeds in 2019: 5 Big Changes Coming Your Way

Hey, guys! As some of you may have heard me say in the past, I really enjoy the start of a new year because I think it’s a great time to take a look at how we’re doing things and make improvements where necessary. Of course, I do that on a personal level (with ways to improve myself, how we run our home, how we spend time with our kids, etc), but I also like to look at how I manage this blog and make improvements here as well.

My brain first started spinning with ideas for changing things up with the blog back in the early fall—which is when you may have noticed that I went from two posts a week to just one. I needed some time to slow down, to think, and to really figure out what my goals are for this space and how to go about seeing them through. And hopefully, what I’ve come up with will be not only beneficial for myself and our family, but also for you—the reader and valued member of this community. So, with that said, here are five changes you’ll be seeing around here in 2019:

1) Fewer Sponsored Posts - Because I’ve determined that there are different types of sponsored posts and some of them just aren’t my favorite to write—and to be honest, you guys don’t seem particularly excited to read them either. Yes, I can see which posts get the most reads, shares, likes, comments, etc…and this is me, trying to give you more of what you enjoy and less of what you don’t. Woohoo!

This does NOT mean that we won’t do giveaways…of COURSE we’ll still do giveaways, when we’re able. Because a giveaway for you does not necessarily mean the same thing as a sponsored post for me and I want you guys to have plenty of chances to win all the free stuff.

2) No More Scheduled Posts - Meaning, I’m attempting to “de-schedule” my life when it comes to all-things-blog-related. Posts won’t always be published on Wednesdays; they’ll come when we’ve tried something new and awesome that I really want to share with you. Maybe that means we’ll go a couple of weeks without a post, and other weeks we’ll have two…let’s live dangerously.

3) Your Weekly Newsletter May Change - It may still come every week or it may not; if I have interesting and relevant content to pass on to you, you will receive a newsletter. I’m not going to just fill it with fluff to give you something to open each week—and that’s for your benefit as well as mine. Nobody likes spam or wasted time!

4) Following on Social Media Will Be Key - I will continue to use Facebook and Instagram to share so much awesomeness about Boerne, San Antonio, and the Hill Country. I share way more through social media than ever makes it into a blog post or weekly newsletter, so those two channels will still be your go-to spot for daily updates on local events, new businesses, tasty restaurants to try, fun activities for the family, etc. Please make sure you interact with shares, likes, and comments so that you will continue to see my posts and so that I can continue to analyze what content you like, and what you don’t.

5) Guest Posts Will Still Always Be Welcomed - If you have a local or family-related topic that is important to you that you’d like to talk about, send it to me. If you’ve tried something new in town that you want others to know about, send it to me. If you’ve opened a new business and want to write something to tell people where to find you, send it to me! Let’s chat about it and see if it’s a good fit. I hope that 2019 shapes this blog into something more communal—with more than just one voice—as I feel that not all content has to be written by me to be useful.

So, there we have it: five changes for Sowing Seeds in 2019. None are world-changing, but hopefully these small adjustments will make this an even better place. As always, please use the comments, direct message, or email to let me know your thoughts and suggestions…and ONWARD we go!

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